This Wiki puts a mirror to the OmniThreadLibrary book I'm writing. All significant contributions from the book are copied here for review and all changes are merged back into the book.

This Wiki is a public effort - everybody can get write access and contribute to it. To get write access, create an account on the Wiki and send me an email. My email address is at the top of every OmniThreadLibrary source file. The only catch is that by contributing to the Wiki you are giving implicit permissions that your changes and additions may be included in the book. You will be listed as a coauthor and will keep your moral rights to the contributed work, but you'll giving up any property rights.

I would like to thank Gorazd Jernejc (also known as GJ) for his contribution to the OmniThreadLibrary project. Gorazd, OTL would not be the same without you!

Parts of code were provided by Anton Alisov and Lee Nover. Thanks!

Following programmers (in alphabetical order) helped with reporting and fixing bugs: ajasja, andi, Anton Alisov, dottor_jeckill, geskill, Hallvard Vassbotn, Jamie, M.J. Brandt, Mason Wheeler, Mayjest, meishier, morlic, Passella, Qmodem, Unspoken, Zarko.

Great thanks go to Pierre le Riche who wrote beautiful FastMM memory manager and allowed me to include it in the distribution.

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