About me

I started programming on 8-bit micros in 1980s which gave me a never fully satisfied need to push as much as possible from available hardware. That inheritance brought me quite organically to the current job where I program high-availability server applications used in the broadcasting industry.

As a side result of this focus my open source projects also tend to deal with performance. I wrote a source-instrumenting profiler for Delphi, GpProfile, which is now obsolete and no longer used. Another project, a parallel programming library for Delphi called OmniThreadLibrary quickly became a favourite in the Delphi community and is now used by many thousand users all over the world.

I enjoy teaching almost as much as coding. In my younger years I wrote for leading Slovenian technical magazine ‘Monitor’, for topical ‘The Delphi Magazine’ and later for ‘Blaise Pascal Magazine’. Most of my articles written for ‘The Delphi Magazine’ are reprinted with permission on my blog ‘The Delphi Geek’.

Lately my focus has shifted from writing for magazines to presenting on Delphi conferences, organizing workshops (in real life or online), consulting and writing books. In addition to the book you are currently reading, I also wrote ‘Delphi High Performance’ which was published by ‘Packt Publishing’.

Find more about me at http://primoz.gabrijelcic.org.