I would like to thank Gorazd Jernejc (also known as GJ) for his contribution to the OmniThreadLibrary project. Gorazd, OTL wouldn’t be the same without you!

OmniThreadLibrary would not be the same without the contributors (listed in alphabetical order): ajasja, Alex Egorov, Alexander Alexeev, andi, Anton Alisov, arioch, Dean Hill, dottor_jeckill, geskill, Hallvard Vassbotn, HHasenack, Jamie, Lee Nover, M.J. Brandt, Mason Wheeler, Mayjest, meishier, morlic, Passella, Qmodem, ring.nic, Steve Maughan, Unspoken, Uwe Raabe, VyPu, Zarko.

Great thanks go to Pierre le Riche who wrote beautiful FastMM memory manager and allowed me to include his fine work in the distribution.

I would like to thank Joe C. Hecht for reading my book from start from finish and providing me with many suggestions that helped make this book even better.

Cover page was photographed by © Dave Gingrich.